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Over the last 20 years, there were very huge change in China. The companies are exporting more and more goods to overseas countries, the local companies become more international, the good chance comes, but the bad quality goods come too, the negative REPUTATION for chinese comes too.

Complete customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of HEXIN.

From the start, HEXIN aims to supply reliable quality for EACH order, no matter how small the order is. We believe Reputation is more important than gold.

we are working with our best efforts to provide our customers castings that meet or exceed their expections, we listen to our customers, understand their needs, and make continuous quality improvement.

We adhere to the principle "ZERO DEFECTS" to guarantee the quality of our castings. " right from me" is the way we are making it true.

Our quality controls actions are carried out through the whole manufacturing process ,from the Selection of raw materials like Nickel plate, chrome iron alloy, each production process from melting, casting pouring systems' design and optimization, inspection plan and acceptance standard. These are made by our well integrated casting experts and in-depth experience for alloy castings.


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