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Radiant tubes

Our radiant tubes are made by centrifugal casting (spun casting) methods, with high nickel and chrome alloys like HK,HPNb,HU,1.4848,1.4852,1.4865,2.4879 and more,by ASTM and DIN standard.
The radiant heater tubes are used for the gas fired or electric furnaces, for continuous annealing line and continuous galvanizing line, the worldwide famous companies are our long term customers like Tenova LOI, Drever,Danieli, Fives Stein,CMI,etc.

With more than 20 years experience, our foundry workshop supplies thousands of different radiant tubes with styles like W, U, P shapes, we have a very good Reference list to prove this.
We feel proud that we never get any quality complaint in the recent 10 years.


This will start from the production DETAILs to the mature production management system of the company.
We select only the 100% new raw materials with approved traceable origin, we know the importance of our radiant tubes, we produce them like an art work piece, we will do everything possible to achieve the best quality of the nature grade material.

We carry out each tests strictly to guarantee a very reliable quality, Destructive or NDT, like chemical composition test for each heat by spectrometer imported from Germany, pressure tests, dye penetrant test, mechanical tests, radiographic tests,etc.

It's our duty to guarantee the perfect quality, we feel proud to say that you can 100% trust us as a business partner for radiant tubes and centrifugal castings.


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