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Furnace rolls

Our furnace rolls are manufactured from centrifugal casting tubes for barrel , with investment casting cones and forged shafts, from nickel chrome alloys , with material in ASTM and DIN standard, like HK, HP, HT, 1.4865, 1.4849, 1.4848, 1.4852, 2.4879 and more.

The roller sizes range from OD.60MM to OD.1600MM, with as-cast surface or precisely machined surface , roughness to reach Ra.0.1 by grinding method.

With more than 20 years of experience for producing rolls, we produce thousands of rolls for steel mills home and abroad, like sink rolls and arms for galvanizing lines, immersed and stabilizing rolls and arms, defector rolls, hot bridle rolls, water cooled hearth rolls, guide rollers, bushes and sleeves for continuous galvanizing lines. And various rolls for heat treatment furnace, continuous furnace, roller hearth furnace, walking beam furnace, CAL(continuous annealing line),CGL(continuous galvanizing line).

To achieve the best possible quality of each roller we produced, we control the quality from raw materia, chemical composition controlled by Spectrometer, pressure testing for the barrel tube, eddy current test, grinding the surface to Ra.0.1 max., dye penetrant test,  dynamic balancing, static balancing, very careful packing, and more.

We believe the DETAILS is more important.  We take care of each step of each components of the roller, and the safety delivery of the rollers, so we have our own designed package to guarantee the rollers can reach you with perfect quality through the long way of shipping. You can definitely trust us on rollers.

To supply the BEST quality roll or nothing, is the policy of our company.

With the reliable quality and reputation, famous companies like Tenova LOI, Drever,Danieli, Fives Stein,CMI, buy rolls and radiant tubes from our foundry regularly for long term cooperation. Our foundry is regarded the first class supplier for rolls and radiant tubes in China.

We welcome sales agents worldwide to join us.


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