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tube sheets

Our tube sheets, tube supports, tube sheet hangers, tube support brackets, petrochemical furnace hooks are produced by resin sand casting and investment casting methods. Mainly by nickel chrome alloys with ASTM standard and DIN standard ,like A351 HK40, A297 HF,Cr50Ni50,1.4848,2.4879,etc., The biggest tube sheet we can cast in singe weight of 6 tons.

With more than 30 years experience of our foundry workshop, our tube sheets castings cover more than 70% of the petrochemical market share in china domestic.
Why do we get such good market share?
Mostly because of our QUALITY.
From the selection of pure new raw materials, skilled foundry workers with 30years castings experience, reliable production managements systems, strict quality control measures, destruct or non destruct tests, like Chemical composition of molten, dimension test, liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI/PT),x-ray test, Physical property test ,etc.

Thanks to the approve of quality and reputation by the customers and the relative authorities, our foundry engineers were invited by the biggest petro chemical company SINOPEC to attend drafting the industry quality standard for petrochemical castings.

We are confident that you will get definitely SAFETY castings, when you buy petrochemical quality level castings from us, and we are responsibly to promise that our foundry is surely No.1 for tube sheets, supports castings in China.
Our R&D department , and casting engineers are working hard to improve the quality level , we welcome friends home and abroad come to join us to improve the quality continuously.


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