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Reformer tube and cracker tube

Tubes are used in hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia reformer furnaces, which are widely used in petroleum and chemical industries. HEXIN tubes are made of centrifugally cast from heat-resistant alloys such as HK-40, HP-50, Nb-modified HP, and micro-alloyed HP.

In the catalyst-filled reformer tubes, heat transfer is effected at a metal temperature of about 850 °C to 1000 °C with internal pressures in the range of 2,000 to 3,500 kPa. The service life of reformer tubes is limited due to the combined effect of creep, alternating thermal and mechanical stresses, external and internal oxidation and carburisation.

The long-term operating life of reformer tubes under such operating conditions is typically governed by the creep strength of the tube material , Thus,It is extremely important to select an appropriate tube material, reduce the number of hot connections and manifolds and maintain uniform operating conditions.

The tubes of the HEXIN consist of a centrifugally-cast high alloy steel with a high creep rupture strength. This allows a lower wall thickness, results in lower thermal stress and also enables a high heat flux. Consequently, it is possible to use reformer tubes with a larger diameter, thereby reducing the number of tubes and the size of the reformer itself.

At HEXIN™, we select only the new raw material ,like NICKEL plate, Chrome alloy. We use the currently worldwide first class spun casting machine designed with Germany technology, imported Spectrometer, boring machinery, and all the first-class professional  inspection facilities in-house.

To avoid the damage of the tubes on operation like creep damage, thermal shock, external oxidation, internal carburization, we control the quality of the tubes from the incoming raw material like weld filler material, molten materials, PMI is the first step, then we use Spectrometer to check chemical composition for each heat of molten, Eddy current testing,Ultra sonic testing,Radiography testing,Dye penetrant test, leak test, thermography,etc.

At HEXIN™, we always pay special attention to the improvement of our products.Our R&D department is doing their best to develop new materials to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers. We also hope to get your valuable ideas about how to develop the new heat resistant materials, and how to protect our earth with less carbon emission.

Tubes assembly

We have highly trained welders and technicians to assemble the individual components to form complete systems. Our experience in the welding and assembling of steel products resistant to heat and corrosion with high tolerances for petrochemical market is well recognized by our customers. Main products like, ethylene Coils, reformer tubes, radiant Coils, reformer Harp Coils, inlet manifolds, outlet manifolds, headers ,collectors, transfer lines, convection coils, hairpins, convection modules, finned tubes,etc.

At HEXIN ™, petrochemical assemblies are fabricated using gas shielded tungsten arc welding techniques (GTAW), utilizing our custom brands of filler metal. GTAW is a clean technique to produce high quality welds reflecting the properties of base metal.

Our tube to tube welds are rotated with an autogenous root pass. By rotating the tube the arc is always in the 1-G position and ensures a complete root without adding filler metal. Closure welds are usually made with orbital welding machines producing a consistent machine weld every time. Weld procedures are qualified to ASME section IX and ASTM A488. Welders hold current certificates registered with the TSSA.


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